Writing action plan primary school

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Writing action plan primary school

Talking in lines at line-up is permitted until the bell goes. Home Study Home study is expected of all learners. In addition, daily homework, as prescribed by the school must be conscientiously done. Discipline See policies The Discipline system is based on positive re- enforcement.

The emphasis is on rewarding good behaviour to encourage development of self-discipline. Criteria are laid down in each grade. Two demerits for the same infringement will result in a detention at break.

writing action plan primary school

A learner who gets three break detentions is required to attend a detention on a week day afternoon.

Detention letters are sent to parents timeously so as to allow them to make suitable transport arrangements. Learners will not be exempted from detentions. A learner who fails to attend a detention will be given two further detentions. Saturday detentions are also held monthly for serious transgressors.

The Roles of School Leaders and the Literacy Team

Sms's are sent to all parents informing them of discipline letters that are sent home and need signing. Learners who get no demerits are rewarded by being allowed to wear civvies on designated Fridays each term. Prefects and Monitors Prefects and Monitors are available to assist educators on duty.

Grade R Children turning 5 before July or 6 in the year of enrolment may apply. Younger children will only be considered if fewer than 48 have been accepted.

The Grade R uniform is worn in Grade R but must be worn in its entirety and correctly. E kit, costume and cap are used throughout the year. The wearing of the school uniform is compulsory in Grade R.

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Grade 1 Children turning 7 in the year of enrolment or turning 6 before July may apply. The children meet educators in the classrooms while the parents are addressed by the Principal and Foundation Phase Head of Department.

Extra educators and educator assistants are employed by the School Governing Body to allow for teaching in smaller groups in the Foundation Phase. Learners with Special Education Needs L.

These children are catered for in the LSEN class from the age of 7 years if recommended by an Educational Psychologist or after approved diagnostic tests have been administered. Psychological, Guidance and Specialised Education Services.

Facilities Our large Media Centre has proved to be very effective in providing our pupils with the opportunity for individual research and to widen their reading in the Foundation, Intermediate and Senior Phases. The school is equipped with a wide variety of audio-visual teaching aids and a wide range of fiction and non-fiction reading matter.

Sport The school has a large multi-purpose field, netball courts and a swimming pool.Hornsea Community Primary School. Our 'SEND OFFER' is only two clicks away - KEY INFORMATION - SEN.

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St. Anne’s Catholic Primary School Literacy Action Plan: / Subject Leader: challenging targets for improvement for all pupils in reading and writing based on gaps in assessment. HT DMCG NC Time to monitor work/ planning.

% of Pupils asked are aware of Personalised learning targets Whole school writing portfolio in writing. One of the primary schools that I visit regularly is a delight. The school’s atmosphere is caring and friendly and it is properly attentive to educational standards.

ACTION PLANNING FOR SCHOOL IMPROVEMENT GUIDANCE FOR SCHOOLS AND LEAs 1. All schools have to prepare an action plan following a Section 10 inspection.

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