The rise of napoleon

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The rise of napoleon

A quick check on Amazon will show you reassuringly, perhaps, for me that I am not alone. There are a lot of books about Napoleon. If you are a student of leadership, then you come up against Napoleon like a student of modern art comes up against Picasso.

There is simply no way around the man. Firstly, Napoleon had a very large canvass to work on. The French revolution was a truly remarkable event.

It began as an essentially liberal revolution, but was hijacked as revolutions so often are by homicidal fanatics: Robespierre and his fellow Jacobins.

When Napoleon seized power in a nearly botched but nevertheless bloodless and generally welcomed coup, he became the leader of a nation that was beset on all sides by the old monarchies of Europe, desperate to snuff out this terrifying, king-killing, unthinkable republic in its midst.

A significant sector of society was also keen to keep its hands on the financial benefits that they had accrued by buying up, at a very good price, the lands and estates previously owned by the monarch, the aristocracy and the church.

Napoleon found himself at the head of nation that was predisposed to welcome his proven military skills, which could be usefully deployed in the defence of France and its newfound freedoms. But then Napoleon proved himself to be much more than merely a successful general.

He had proved himself a useful and ruthless military ally for the revolutionary government Le Directoire: Napoleon was convinced that the Austrians were retreating after a previous defeat, and had therefore dispersed his army in an attempt to cut off the supposed retreat: A French counter-attack aided by a strong element of luck won the day.

The Austrians withdrew from Italy and signed a peace treaty which led to the only significant period of peace in the whole Napoleonic era.

In France, not surprisingly, hero-worship of Napoleon was about to begin in earnest. Bonaparte, First Consul, by Ingres It was during this heady spell of peace that Napoleon proved that he was more than just a general; he embarked on a remarkable programme of civil development and legal reform.

At this stage of his career, Napoleon was still able to delegate the delivery of a significant piece of work to a trusted and better-informed colleague.

On these occasions, meetings might last until five in the morning: Napoleon would not let a matter drop until his mind was settled. The Bank of France was created and given complete control of the national debt and the printing of money.

He went on to lead France to become the pre-eminent nation in Europe and to rule an empire stretching from Italy and Spain to the borders of Russia.

The rise of napoleon

However, his unprovoked and unreasonable conquest of Spain — an ally of France which had allowed French troops into Spain to allow them to attack the Portuguese, who persisted in trading with their old business partner, the hated English — turned into a bloody and costly distraction. His invasion of Russia was, famously, a misjudgement that was to lead to his downfall.

It was also driven by the same preoccupation: In the meantime, Napoleon had had himself crowned as the Emperor of France, and had retreated into regal isolation, removing himself from the wise council of his previous comrades at arms and of his masterly Foreign Minister, the great diplomat, Charles Maurice de Talleyrand.

They represent skills and abilities that any potential leader can strive to develop: What makes Napoleon an exceptional and invaluable study for any aspiring leader is that his defects are as instructive as his strengths: Funnily enough, it is arguably as a military leader that Napoleon offers the best role model for any potential leader.

This brilliant military strategist, one of the greatest that the world has seen, set the grand strategy and the objectives, devised a detailed plan of action to achieve those objectives and then delegated their fulfilment to a highly-skilled team of commanders. These commanders were given a great deal of independence: It is, perversely, a very good model for modern corporate structures.

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On the battlefield he had the vision remarkable for its day to see that independent units working in concert to achieve the grand plan could outmanoeuvre an opponent following a rigid plan dictated from the centre.

Napoleon was a formidable taskmaster, who drove his administrators relentlessly and with apparently inexhaustible stamina.Horoscope and natal chart of Napoleon I, born on /08/ you will find in this page an excerpt of the astrological portrait and the interpration of the planetary dominants.

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International World History Project. World History From The Pre-Sumerian Period To The Present.


A Collection Of World History Related Essays, Documents, Maps and Music. The Rise of Napoleon Bonaparte is an exciting, reckless thrill ride as Asprey charts Napoleon's vertiginous ascent to fame and the height of power.

Here is Napoleon as he was-not saint, not sinner, but a man dedicated to and ultimately devoured by his vision of himself, his empire, and his world/5(6).

In a tense, crowded thirty-three days in the autumn of , Napoleon Bonaparte organized a coup and made himself dictator of France.

Yet his position was precarious. The Rise of Napoleon Transcript from a lecture series taught by Professor Thomas Childers, Ph.D.

Napoleon Bonaparte stands as one of the greatest self-made men in the history of the world.

Napoleonic Artillery