The outsiders characterization essay

E Hinton a major change that one of the characters go through is the change of Ponyboy.

The outsiders characterization essay

The Environment Although The Outsiders was written in the mids, and took place in Tulsa, Oklahoma, the story would not differ much if it were written today with a setting of Billings, Montana.

The setting would differ and the names would change, but the common themes of The Outsiders still exist today, in slightly scarier ways.

The outsiders characterization essay

For those unfamiliar with the story told in The Outsiders, here is a short summary. Their parents died in a car crash and they are simply trying to make their way through life. The Greasers are in constant battle with the rival gang from the West side of town called the Socs.

In a confrontation between rival gang members, one of the Greasers Johnny kills a Soc Bob. Johnny and Pony Boy go into hiding in a church for a short time. When they return after getting some food, they find the church is on fire and they run in to save some kids who are in the church.

Johnny gets hurt when a large piece of burning wood falls on him and breaks his back. While Johnny is dying in the hospital, the rival gangs have a huge brawl. The Greasers win, but Johnny dies.

He robs a liquor store and pulls out an unloaded gun when the cops are chasing him.

Essay: The Outsiders

They shoot him dead. Pony Boy is so overwhelmed at losing two gang family members that he has somewhat of a mental breakdown. Though all of this conflict and loss, Pony Boy and his brothers become closer and he feels that in spite of all of the losses he has suffered, he truly does belong to a family.

The struggles that Pony Boy, Dallas, Soda Pop, Johnny and the rest of the Greasers dealt with during the s are very similar to what teenagers today deal with.

The characters in the book are all looking for acceptance and a sense of family in one way or another which leads them to become a memAh, but super-human AI is not the only way Moloch can bring our demise. How many such dangers can your global monarch identify in time?

EMs, nanotechnology, memetic contamination, and all the other unknown ways we’re running to the bottom. The Outsiders: Character Changes In literature, a character often changes from the beginning to middle and to the end of a novel.

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The Outsiders - Dallas Winston Essay - Essay

The Outsiders. And/Or Press *This essay is provided as an example of what an essay about this topic might look like. It contains real characters, ideas, and facts, as well as fictitions ones. Any correlation with real life ideas, facts, or citations are purely coincidental.

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Find it, over , essays . The outsiders essay power point cm 1. Year 9 English The Outsiders Essay Guide attheheels.comell 2. THE QUESTION: Choose the question that you connect with the most. Everyone needs to feel that they belong. Discuss how the writer explores this idea through the main characters and the key events of the novel.

OR S.E. Hinton wrote ’The Outsiders.

The outsiders characterization essay

The Outsider’s Essays: How to attempt? The Outsiders, by S.E Hinton is a popular novel published for the first time back in The novel is about two teenage gangs, belonging to contrasting socio economic classes.

The Outsiders: Character Changes Essays