The morellian method essay

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The morellian method essay

As an art historianhe developed the "Morellian" technique of scholarship, identifying the characteristic "hands" style of painters through scrutiny of diagnostic minor details that revealed artists' scarcely conscious shorthand and conventions for portraying, for example, ears.

The "Morellian method" was made public in his book Italian Painters ; it appeared under the pseudonym "Ivan Lermolieff". Morelli 's books look different from those of any other writer on art. They are sprinkled with illustrations of fingers and ears, careful records of the characteristic trifles by which an artist gives himself away, as a criminal might be spotted by a fingerprint With his return to Italy he acted as a conduit for intellectual life of the North.

Instead, as Carlo Ginzburg analysed the Morellian method, the art historian operates in the manner of a detective, "each discovering, from clues unnoticed by others, the author in one case of a crime, in the other of a painting". These unconscious traces— in the shorthand for rendering the folds of an ear in secondary figures of a composition, for example— are unlikely to be imitated and, once deciphered, serve as fingerprints do at the scene of the crime.

The identity of the artist is expressed most reliably in the details that are least attended to. The Morellian method has its nearest roots in Morelli's own discipline of medicinewith its identification of disease through numerous symptoms, each of which may be apparently trivial in itself.

Morelli's connoisseurship was developed to a high degree by Bernard Berensonwho met Morelli in Morellian scholarship penetrated the English field fromwith the translation of his master work. The Morellian technique of connoisseurship was extended to the study of Attic vase-painters by J.

Beazley and by Michael Roaf to the study of the Persepolis reliefs, with results that further confirmed its validity. Morellian recognition of "handling" in undocumented fifteenth and sixteenth-century sculpture, in the hands of scholars like John Pope-Hennessyhave resulted in a broad corpus of securely attributed work.

At the same time, modern examination of Classical Greek sculpturein the wake of pioneering reassessments by Brunilde Sismondo Ridgwayhas also turned away from attributions based on broad aspects of subject and style that are reflected in copies and later Roman classicising pastiche.

The complementary field of document-supported art history traces its origins to the somewhat earlier work of Joseph Archer Crowe and Giovanni Battista Cavalcaselle.


The Morellian method of finding essence and hidden meaning in details had also a much wider cultural influence. Like Morelli, both Freud and Doyle had a medical background Morellian method was re-examined by Richard Wollheim"Giovanni Morelli and the origins of scientific connoisseurship", On Art and the Mind: Essays and Lectures, Clues and Scientific Method Unless indicated otherwise, the text in this article is either based on Wikipedia article "Giovanni Morelli" or another language Wikipedia page thereof used under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License ; or on original research by Jahsonic and friends.

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The morellian method essay

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(Review) The third essay "following" this methodology is by Georgios. Wherein the whole Art is revealed in a more easie and perfect Method, than hath been publisht in any Language.

etc., do not appear. But in my copy they do, combined in one essay. And whenever I am discouraged by the condition of some of my rare books into asking myself whether, after all, they are anything more than Mr. Lang's “twopenny. (Berenson was an assiduous student of the Morellian method.

Evolved as a means of identifying criminals and criminal “types,” Berenson used it to recognize the authorship of . Definitions of Pottery of ancient Greece, synonyms, antonyms, derivatives of Pottery of ancient Greece, analogical dictionary of Pottery of ancient Greece (English) The technique of incising silhouetted figures with enlivening detail which we now call the black-figure method was, as we saw, whose crowded polychromatic scenes often essay.

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