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Technical writing houston

Michael started out performing Guidance, Navigation and Control analyses on the Space Shuttle program. He moved over to the International Space Station program in and continued through his retirement, supporting various aspects of mission operations of the International Space Station.

He is totally blind in his left eye and has light perception and sees shadows in his right eye. Michael is committed to serving and empowering the disability community to become independent and productive members in society.

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I attended Texas Southern University. I have skills in Customer Services, Business Management, and worked as a Supervisor with the Meals on Wheels for seniors and people living with a disability.

Technical writing houston

Retired from Sears, after being employed for 18years in several positions held through my career: In after becoming seriously ill, and later had a major heart attack, that lead to Chronic Congestive Heart Failure Disease, and a Cardio Defibrillator, along with Degenerating Joint Disease that has Technical writing houston my life.

I have two loving, supportive, successful daughters, and two grandsons who are my pride and joy. I refuse to give up on life, so the volunteering to stay active, stay out of depression, and utilize my experience in a positive way, My volunteer mission started, at the GLBTQ Community Technical writing houston to help with depression.

I begin to organize a support group for people who were disable and dealing with depression. It was a safe and relaxing place to come and enjoy poetry, art, and discussion.

I begin to organize and facilitate a support group for people who were disable and dealing with depression, The Rising Poetry Group, later called the Ladies and Gentlemen of Art. Inwe were the Grand Marshall organization at the Pride Parade.

I do know firsthand about living with limitations. I am an advocate and motivational speaker for people living with disabilities. We are currently working on collecting clothing to give to some of the area Women Shelters, in loving memory of my sister, Gloria who loss her battle to Cancer in This group helps with mobility by allowing the everyone to have a voice and to do crafts, art, while listening to some relaxing music.

Everyone enjoy my healthy snacks also. To conclude, my goal at this time is to continue to improve my health, attending a rehabilitation Physical Therapy for my back and legs, future meeting with DARS to improve on my abilities to continue my mission to be more active, assistances to go to college to improve on my secretarial skills and to become a counselor, to help others.

Life is full of challenges and spiritual growth within. I will continue to strive transform my life into what he has plan for me. The Houston Commission with Disabilities will gain a dedicated and willing Commissioner to serve the team in a positive manner and advocate for the Disability Community at large.

God is in Charge. Palacios is a poet, author, spoken word performer, motivational speaker, social change advocate, disability rights activist, and workshop facilitator. Featured on numerous local radio shows and podcasts, nationally syndicated programs, and in many international publications, Maria's impact on the rights of children, women, people with disabilities, and the Hispanic community is as immeasurable as her artistry is undeniable.

Technical writing houston

During her time with HAWC, Maria not only trained and supervised hotline volunteers, but also implemented disability awareness trainings for staff and volunteers, enforcing the ADA during its early years as a law, and educating the Center about the need for a TTY line and ASL interpreters to serve the domestic violence needs of the deaf community.

Maria also created the Power and Control Wheel for people with disabilities and has facilitated trainings and educational opportunities about the unique issues faced by women with disabilities in domestic violence and sexual assault situations. In addition, Maria was also responsible for overseeing the Safe Harbor Project which offered services to male survivors of sexual assault and domestic violence.

She also worked closely with schools in the implementation of the Focus Program which trained teachers and educators to enhance reading ability in children with learning disabilities. Some of Maria's most cherished accomplishments and positions include her participation in efforts that led to the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act ofbeing inducted into the Hispanic Women in Leadership Hall of Fame in and receiving the Hispanic Excellence Award inbeing a member of the International Guild of Disabled Artists and Performers sinceexploring her personal connection to Frida Kahlo through live performances of her poetry at Houston's annual Frida Fest celebration for seven straight years, participating in the Gulf Coast Poetry Tourfounding Houston's Annual Women with Disabilities Empowerment Fair, and creating a publishing company Atahualpa Press that has brought eight of her titles to life, as well as two by other artists with disabilities.

Of particular passion to Maria is Sins Invalid, a performance project of artists with disabilities. With this group she has performed sinceco-facilitated their Tongue Rhythm Multi-Disciplinary Poetry Workshop inand is featured in the documentary, "Sins Invalid: His primary practice is personal injury trial law and he also focuses on employment discrimination and med ical malpractice.

He graduated with honors from the University of Houston in InToby was injured in a diving accident that left him completely paralyzed from the neck down. He has two children, Gage and Parker.

Working in the disability rights field has been unbelievably fulfilling for Powers. He works with people with disabilities to inform them about their rights; and, works with and trains employers on how to accommodate employees to make the workplace more inclusive and accessible.

Powers trains government agencies on making their programs and services accessible. Powers works with housing providers on their obligations under the disability rights laws. He has found the most effective approach is not to explain what individuals must do under the law, but why they ought to be inclusive and accessible.

He has an obvious physical disability, but his interest in the disability rights field is not all self-serving. Powers has a long record of community service and currently my volunteers teaching and mentoring students with disabilities at Klein Forest High School, and my previously worked in the immigration field.Convey technical content to any audience through specific, clear and concise technical writing.

Technical writing is unique because of its specialized content. It must convey objectivity and reach both technical and nontechnical audiences with exactness and clarity.

Along with writing emails. The Masters in Counselor Education is designed to provide knowledge and skills for school counselor certification and provide a program of courses that satisfies requirements for the Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) license.

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Here is a representative sample of writing by Robert Nagle (both professional and personal). Hardware & Software Manuals.

Community-based documentation: In I wrote 2 lengthy tutorials for the Plone open-source community. Its purpose was to talk about how my company’s software could be used when deploying open source software. Flexibile Curriculum.

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