Statement of problem hotel reservation system

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. The hotel can also be a place where tourist can stay for a limited time. We cannot deny that we are now in much more technologically improvement and especially for business, shifting from manual process to automation and computerize Fhatima A. The cost and quality of hotels are usually indicative of the range and type of services available.

Statement of problem hotel reservation system


Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. How did we come up to this name? Company Rivera Hotel This family-owned hotel was originally conceived to be a family vacation home, but because of its proximity to almost all of tourist attractions, fast foods and famous restaurants in the city, it was then designed to meet the requirements of a hotel.

Each room is provided with remote controlled air conditioning unit, remote controlled flat T. V with cable, refrigerator, hot and cold shower. Parking is spacious and safe. Our warm and friendly staffs are always ready to serve guests with a smile and friendly service.

Hence, one can only feel at home.

2 Problem Statement The university student registration system is unable to cope with the high volume of telephone calls received at registration time. Among others, busy signals and long distance charges are inherent problems of the telephone System users have a 24x7 access to telephone assistance for questions that are technical in . A BRIEF OUTLINE OF ANALYSIS AND DESIGN OF SYSTEM FOR ROOM BOOKING IN A HOTEL STATEMENT OF PROBLEM This project addresses the information required by a hotel to book. Jan 07,  · online hotel reservatoin, hotel reservation system, hotel reservation, online hotel booking system, study of hotel online reservation system, final year project web based hotel reservation system, online hotel reservation system, Hello, My name is BELLO BOLAJI,a student of University of Abuja,Abuja Nigeria.

So come to Rivera Hotel……. Narrative Statement of Existing System Rivera Hotel has no electronic reservation system to speak of. If a customer wanted to reserve a room, the receptionist simply checks their records if any are available.

If there are, the Statement of problem hotel reservation system will be asked to pay the full amount for the duration of their stay. If in case the hotel is fully booked and other walk-in customers wish to rent, the receptionist will consult their records for scheduled check-outs.

If there are, new customers will be asked if they wish to wait till the check-out of the previous customer. However, if any existing customer wishes to extend their stay, the new customer will not be accommodated.

For a cancellation received 2 to 10 days prior to the scheduled arrival date, the guest shall be responsible for the first night charges for fully paid reservations.

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Guests who make a reservation using a deposit shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation 48 hours or less Prior to Scheduled Arrival: For cancellations received within 48 hours of the scheduled arrival, the guest shall be responsible for the first night charges or forfeit the deposit. The main problem of this study is the inaccurate reservation of the customer.

Low in security G.

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Less data integrity I. Difficulty in searching and retrieving files J.

Statement of problem hotel reservation system

Possible loss of records and retrieving files K. Difficulty in finding the availability of rooms III. This study aims to solve the problems encountered and to change the manual reservation.

To increase the security between the management and staff. To lessen time consume. To highly integrate data.

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To spend less time in searching and retrieving of files. To create a back up of files in every successful transaction.

To become make easier to find the availability rooms. Declarative Statement of proposed system The first process that will occur in the proposed system is the inquiries of the customers.

All inquiries will be recorded in the system database for the further use. If the customer request is available, then the user gather the information needed for the reservation but if the customer request is not available, then there is no other process will continue.

After the reservation, the user will record the room that is reserved at the specific date. After the transaction of customer, it will proceed to the billing process which will be based on the booking and room rate. The system can view all bills that will be depends on the booking and room, it can also view the rooms current status and availabilities of rooms in any specific date.

Scope and Limitation Scopes: This study mainly focused on providing retailing business application using computerized system that enables businesses to track services and aims to provide accurate and reliable process on every transaction especially in a hotel reservation.

This study looked into a better impact of using technology today on how it affects our daily lives especially for being the customer. With this studies it can help our beneficiaries to know the differences of using manual system to a computerized generation today, prioritize is to prove and to give them the right information.

Hotel Reservation System is designed to manage all types of hotel bookings, made directly by guests. The hotel reservation system will allow you to dynamically control most of your hotel reservation without the need for an expensive web designer.

More essays like this:Hotel Reservation system is a transaction processing system that solves the problem encountered during the existing Hotel Reservation.

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The project “Hotel Management System” is used for maintaining the information for each and every customer, employee, driver and product. Problem statement: Hotel Reservation System is used in client server architecture with.

The seven months provided by the Kenya national examination council enabled the system analyst recognize and define the problem in the current manual system at the hotel. After an information gathering process from several hotels managed by manual and computerized systems, the system analyst saw that the hotel indeed needed a computerized management system.

Hotel Reservation problems. Problems Facing Hotels Reservation Companies in the Kingdom, Poor Communication between the Reservation Department and other departments in the Hotel.

The Problems Facing Hotels' Reservation Companies in the Kingdom. The problems facing hotels' reservation companies inside the Kingdom are many, which lead to a .

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