Rocky mountain case

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Rocky mountain case

This was the night that Barbara "Bobbie" Jo Oberholtzer and Annette Schnee were murdered under cover of darkness and desolation. Hoosier Pass has long been a commuting route for those living in Park County and finding jobs in Summit County.

There is no record that Bobbie Jo and Annette knew one another, but each was likely hitchhiking separately southbound on Colorado Highway 9 toward the pass, heading home at the end of the work day.

On that bitter cold January night, the pass became a sprawling death scene for the two young local women. Bobbie Jo Oberholtzer's body was found first, at approximately 3: According to evidence found at the scene and elsewhere, year-old Bobbie Jo may have tried to fight her attacker s and run for her life.

Plastic wire ties were found on her wrist, suggesting that someone attempted to bind her before she was finally shot to death.


The body was found 20 feet off Highway 9, approximately feet south of the Hoosier Pass summit parking lot. Additional items belonging to Bobbie Jo, including backpack, bloody glove and kleenex, were found on January 7 scattered across South Park.

The cold temperatures and cold water helped preserve Annette's body. The gunshot wound was through and through, leaving no bullet in the body.

Socks worn by Annette helped solve a mystery from the Oberholtzer crime scene. An unidentified orange sock was found in the vicinity of Bobbie Jo's body. Annette was wearing the other orange sock, appearing to connect the two murders.

Rocky mountain case

Annette's backpack was also found near the Hoosier Pass summit north of the Oberholtzer crime scene. Any detail, however small, may be the missing piece to this mystery.The Rocky Mountain Immigrant Advocacy Network (RMIAN) provides free immigration legal services to immigrant children and to adults in immigration detention.

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Rocky mountain case
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