Population in china essay

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Population in china essay

To be able to effectively read and interpret population pyramids. Use this sheet to annotate how to read a population pyramid using shape and then what shape indicates. See this example from Worksheet is above for all of the following activities.

Click here to be taken to a population pyramid of France this year. Study it carefully and then describe why the French President needs to raise the retirement age by two years for French workers.

Screen shot the pyramid for when you were born, for when you will be 50 and for when you will be maybe! Choose France and the year Explain the indentations years old and years old.

What was the population of France in ? What is the population of France now? What are the key population issues facing France today? What percentage of the population will be over the age of 60 years old in the year ?

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Is France becoming a country with a youthful or ageing population? Using the same tool, choose Gambia and the year Note the total population in What is the population of Gambia now?

Approximately, how many times more is the population than in ? Describe the structure of the pyramid for Gambia this year and include a screen shot under your explanation. What are the key population issues facing Gambia today? How is the population structure of Gambia going to change by the year ?

Is Gambia becoming a country with a youthful or ageing population? Each age category found on the Word Document is differentiated on the Excel sheet by a different colour.

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Round up or down to the nearestTask 4 - Complete this worksheet using your knowledge and understanding of what you have learnt about Population Pyramids so far. A country with a high dependent population Fertility rate in Gambia is 7 - One of the highest in the world. To find out what causes a youthful population structure to occur and to discover what happens when a country has a high dependent population in this case - too many young people.5 Colossal Events That Changed China Forever "Knowledge of five major historical events is essential to fully understanding contemporary Chinese politics and foreign policy.".

China Population Control Essay mid), China is the world's most populous country. * As the world's population is approximately billion, China represents a full 20% of the world's population so one in every five people on the planet is a resident of China.

* China's population. Advisory: In April, , homosexuality was deleted from the Chinese Classification of Mental Disorders. China has joined a growing number of Asian countries which have rejected outdated Western notions that homosexuality was a mental disorder.

Water is the most important single element needed in order for people to achieve the universal human right to "a standard of living adequate for the health and well-being of himself and his family.".

Population in china essay

Population by region. Six of the Earth's seven continents are permanently inhabited on a large scale. Asia is the most populous continent, with its billion inhabitants accounting for 60% of the world population.

The world's two most populated countries, China and India, together constitute about 36% of the world's population. Africa is the second most populated continent, with around Essay Sustainable Development and Population Control Words | 7 Pages.

Sustainable Development and Population Control A nineteen year old pregnant Chinese girl is forced to abort because she is "too young" to have a child.

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