Goodweek tires

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Goodweek tires

Goodride tires are tested to the limit worldwide, tackling the most demanding routes in Australia, Europe, North America, Asia, and Africa. Since its inception inthe company has been expanding its tire knowledge and manufacturing experience, having eventually turned into a force to be reckoned with on the global tire market.

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Goodride tires are made by ZC-Rubber, which is one of the Top 10 tire manufacturers in the world. The tires by Goodride are manufactured in award-winning facilities and approved by the international and location-specific organizations, including the U.

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With over 20, employees, 10, Goodweek tires worldwide, and tens of millions of tires produced Goodweek tires, it is a global tire manufacturer with worldwide recognition and a proven history of customer satisfaction.

Review the catalog at our official website to find the tires designed specifically for your application that will meet your exacting standards. From all-steel AT tires for trucks and buses to high-performance tires that will roll your race car to victory, all Goodride tires are made to outperform.

Goodweek tires

Due to the slender bladed sipes, our best-selling SPO6 tires deliver enhanced driving stability and ensure optimal ride comfort. For instance, our top-rated SV series adopted silicon dioxide technology to replace the traditional carbon black, resulting in increased traction and shortened braking distance.

Commercial Tires Goodride commercial tires are specially designed for every type of terrain, including mud, rock, or gravel, to improve the efficiency of your business transportation.

Offering tires for agricultural and industrial needs, as well as skidsteer and solid tires, we aim to help you get any tough work done. Thick and robust design.

Enhanced traction and grip. High Performance Series On a race track, your main concerns are control and handling. To ensure exceptional performance, strong grip, and agile handling, we have created our line of high-performance tires for your racing car.

Exceptional pattern design provides low rolling resistance and reduced noise, so your high-speed experience will be not only breathtaking, but also safe. Winter Tires On a cold winter day, when the ground is fully covered with snow, extra traction and reliable braking capability is what you need to stay safe on the road.

Our winter tires feature a tread design with biting edges allowing for excellent grip with any extreme icy or snowy surface. Ensuring precise handling and outstanding cornering in any conditions, these tires are meant to impress you.Goodweek Tires, Inc. Case Study Solution Equipment cost The investment for the initial equipment is $ million The useful life of the equipment invested into is 7 years.

The salvage value of the equipment after four years is $51,,%(41).

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Goodweek tires

Valid for one(1)code to be used for two(2) general admission tickets for one of the Top Performance Tires · Find Tires That Fit. GOODWEEK TIRES, INC.

After extensive research and development, Goodweek Tires, Inc., has recently developed a new tire, the SuperTread, and must decide whether to make the investment necessary to produce and market it. Goodweek Tires intends to raise prices at 1 percent above the inflation rate; variable costs will also increase at 1 percent above the inflation rate.

In addition, the SuperTread project will incur $43 million in marketing and general administration costs the first year.

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