Galaxy note 10.1 handwriting apps

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Galaxy note 10.1 handwriting apps

Samsung Galaxy Note And it's a stylus that's actually useful for certain tasks, like writing notes, creating equations and sketching. The screen measures Right Side The sides of the Note Left Side Just as spartan as the right side.

Samsung puts a proprietary charging and data connector on the bottom.

galaxy note 10.1 handwriting apps

That label is removable. Back View The back of the Note is plastic, keeping the tablet relatively lightweight at 1. It has some well-thought-out features, like "palm rejection," which lets you rest your hand on the screen without mucking up your notes. The stylus is pressure-sensitive, meaning your markings will thicken as you press harder.

S Pen Here's the S Pen up close. Like its predecessor on the Galaxy Note smartphone, it has a button for advanced functions like doing a screen capturebut unlike the previous version it has a square design so it doesn't roll.

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Desk Shot The stand the Note is resting is sold separately. Handwriting Recognition, Part 1 With handwriting recognition enabled in the S Note app, the tablet will take your writing Handwriting Recognition, Part Equation Translation S Note also translates equations. This tends to be much more accurate than handwriting recognition.

Multiscreen You can have two apps actively running side by side on the new Galaxy Note Pop-Up Play With the video player, you can take multitasking to a new level with a pop-up window. You can resize the pop-up by pinching.

When the iPad finally gave birth to the modern tablet market, we all knew the day would come when the stylus would follow. Yes, it never really went away — little electronic pens have been around in one form or another pretty much as long as we've had touchscreens.

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But now Samsung wants to take the stylus mainstream with the Galaxy Note Not to be confused with its more diminutive brother, the Galaxy Note smartphonethe Galaxy Note Sure, there's the Galaxy Tab 2 The new Noteon the other hand, has a list of reasons for tablet buyers to give it a look.

First and foremost is the stylus what Samsung calls the S Penwhich enables a level of precision that you simply can't get with a finger. Anyone who has used a sketching app on the iPad such as Autodesk's SketchBook Pro knows the value of simulating the pen-and-paper experience.

Stylus The S Pen on the new Note does even better than previous stylii, however. It's pressure-sensitive, like the Jot, enabling it to thicken pen marks the harder you press. The screen can tell when the stylus is hovering above it, too, showing where the tip is with a floating dot — very neat.The Samsung Galaxy Note offers little aside from the S Pen to wholeheartedly recommend it over other tablets.

Update: The Galaxy Note will go on sale from 8AM tomorrow at Samsung's new Experience Store at George St, Sydney. The tablet will . The Note has the useful S Pen for writing on the screen; the included Samsung S Note app works well as a digital notepad that includes different paper styles to suit the user.

Even so, this showing places the Note far down on the tablet totem pole, smack dab between the Kindle Fire and Galaxy Tab Plus-- not exactly a flattering comparison. Software and S-Pen apps. Galaxy Note vs iPad: Screen. It almost goes without saying that Apple wins this round with the iPad's Retina display, but the Note shouldn't be discounted right away. The Samsung Galaxy Note is an Android tablet currently running the latest version of Android – Jellybean. It features a GHz quad cored processor, Samsung’s special S Pen stylus built in, and a × screen.

Jan 23,  · The Samsung Galaxy Note ( Edition) is much closer to the tablet we wanted the original to be, and finally looks like something that could have the iPad in its sights.

For a start, it looks a lot nicer than the old model, having shaved off a centimetre from either side of the bezel, slimmed Author: What Hi-Fi? Galaxy Note offers true multitasking in Android , with the ability to convert handwriting to text and resize and reposition a floating video window.

By Edward J. Correia August 29, Galaxy Note vs iPad: Screen. It almost goes without saying that Apple wins this round with the iPad's Retina display, but the Note shouldn't be discounted right away.

Samsung is painting a new world with exceptional power, clarity and efficiency on a screen. The ultra-vivid display has more than four million pixels, twice that of HDTV. With a pixel density of ppi, colors are rendered bright, clear and lifelike.

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