Frozen yogurt business plan examples

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Frozen yogurt business plan examples

In this strategy you increase sales by pricing your product lower. The low pricing gives you defensibility and makes it difficult for competitive businesses to survive. Franchising Business Model This strategy works when you create a successful company on your own and prove the effectiveness of your unique brand and approach.

One you do that, you can charge people to use your model to replicate it by opening franchises of your business.

For example, many gyms are franchise branches one on big franchise and many McDonalds restaurants are just franchisees of the gigantic McDonalds brand. Auction Business Model This business model takes advantage of customer demand.

If customer demand is low, the product is priced cheaply. Catalog Business Model I often use this approach because if you have multiple products which is a catalog of products when you offer them next to each other in catalog-like fashion, people may often buy more than one of your product simply because they see a few and they want a few of the products.

What that does is it allows you to sell your products for cheaper prices which further helps people buy more of your products.

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With this strategy your customers get good value for the money they pay, and are happier, and you get to generate more revenue from more overall purchases.

Ad-on Business Model This is a kind of a frozen yogurt business plan examples where you are sold something for a reasonable cost, but the product you bought always requires refills and ad-ons.

For example, if you bought a printer it always needs ink. So the company who sold you the printer can sell you ink as long as you have and use the printer. This way they get to have a very long business relationship with you, and sell you many products over time.

Affiliate Business Model In the affiliate business model you do not create products of your own, but resell products made by others instead. This saves you many headaches and costs.

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All you are left having to do is to promote the products you are reselling, and collect a commission. This is another model that works very well online because when you sell digital products online you can get typically higher commissions than you would get if you were selling physical products.

Ad Driven Business Model The ad driven business model is obviously one where the main monetization strategy is to publish ads.

The important thing to understand about this approach is that ads monetize very poorly per each ad impression. Very few kinds of businesses reach that scale, and for those kinds of businesses the ad driven business model begins to make sense.

The typical types of businesses where the ad revenue model makes sense are news and content publishing businesses. Freemium Business Model The Freemium business model is one that is very popular on the web.

The idea behind this strategy is to give something away for free and have many people flock to the free giveaway.

frozen yogurt business plan examples

The freebie can be content or games or access to some limited features of a websites, or anything else. Once you get many people to your basic offering, the idea of the freemium model is to try to sell the paid features or products.

Ecommerce Business Model When you think about ecommerce, look no further than selling products on Amazon, other large commerce websites and your own website. I like the ecommerce business model because it has a very direct path to revenue, and is very practical with fewer potential pitfalls than many other common business models.

Check out the video below for an example of how to make the ecommerce business model work for you on Amazon by writing and selling books.

Of you are interested in starting your own ecommerce company, here is an article on how to start an elearning business that sells online courses. Different Online Business Models If you want to get familiar with the kinds of business models that work online, below you will find a tutorial with 50 different ways you can make money online.

Study them to understand which business models are behind each of the strategy. Revenue Model There are many ways to bring in revenue.

One of the most popular revenue models is displaying ads. It is a type of a revenue model. But it has become so popular and widely used that we will discuss it as a type of a business model in itself.

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Another very popular type of revenue model is selling physical goods or providing services for which you get paid directly. Another popular revenue model is a subscription model where the customer pays you at consistent time intervals.

They can all work for different businesses, and each has their own pros and cons. There are a few more, but the purpose of this article is to give you a solid understanding of how to think through your business model for yourself so we will just focus on these and build upon that.

Whatever the revenue model might be, the important thing is to realize which one is 1 The best fit for the type of company you are running and 2 Can sustain your company and help you achieve your ultimate goals for the company. Since the ad revenue model has become so popular so popular during the last 50 years, and increasingly so with the proliferation of the Web, we will examine that first.

Right from the beginning it must be mentioned that while it is easy to slap ads on things, overall displaying ads is a very Unattractive revenue model.Learn to pitch and explain your business to anyone, quickly and clearly in under a minute.

Article has examples and templates of pitches. Food Timeline--food FAQs: muffins to yogurt. Mushrooms Food historians tell us prehistoric peoples most likely consumed fungi and mushrooms. Executive Summary In view of the current issues facing the company as well as the result of the SWOT analysis and Porter’s Five Forces Analysis.

This page contains material which is kept because it is considered humorous. Please do not take it too seriously. B. Marketing Activities Plan. Product: The new opportunity includes customers being able to choose their own flavors of frozen yogurt through self-serve (original tart, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mango, peach, pomegranate, raspberry, blueberry and many more) and then choose their own toppings (over 50 toppings offered daily).

Sample Business Plan: YOGURT LAND* Y O G U R T L A N D. AL Citadel Plaza r Ste ouston Texas • Establish the business as the premier Frozen Yogurt Store in Texas.

frozen yogurt business plan examples

SAMPLE Citadel Plaza r Ste ouston Texas SAMPLE * approach to doing business in this area.

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