Essay on teenage pregnancy and school

Solution to Teenage Pregnancy Teenage pregnancy is a problem for all involved. Because teen parents are more likely to struggle to deal with parenthood, the child is also more likely to grow up with various problems. The statistics may be better than they were, but this is not reason enough to ignore the problem, because it is still a very big problem. This is an obscene amount of money and the government should set a few billion aside to reduce teen pregnancy, and then the final bill would be so much lower and money would be saved overall.

Essay on teenage pregnancy and school

Use an editor to spell check essay. Teenage pregnancy during the late s has risen tremendously throughout the years.

Many studies have found that the number one age groups of teenagers that become pregnant are between the ages of 15 and This age group is entering a world of its own called high school filled with homework, parties, and last but not least sex.

In our modern society, safe sex has become a major concern in the United States. As early as elementary school, children are learning about the "birds and the bees". Today, sex is a subject of conversation everywhere and is considered a social topic. You can go just about anywhere and hear about sex, and the media is a very big one.

However, despite information that is now available on safe sex 53 percent of young women are having, or have had, unprotected sex Chudnofsky That is a very big percentage of people having sex which greatly increases their risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease or even becoming pregnant.

An increase in reported sexually transmitted diseases among young teens has prompted many communities to take action to protect their youth. One proven method is to provide comprehensive sexuality education along with school based programs that make birth control and contraceptives available to sexually active youth.

Numerous national health organizations have adopted policies in support of school birth control availability. It is a very big problem these days. A teenager that gets pregnant has nothing to look forward to in their life.

Essay on teenage pregnancy and school

It can really ruin a young person's life. Some people say that having birth control or contraceptives in school will send the wrong message and encourage and enable teens to be more curious about sex.

A lot of people say that is not true. Sexual activity did not increase among teens that were already sexually active, nor among youth who had never have sex before.

Most schools that have started these clinics that distribute birth control have had very positive results. There are a lot of programs designed to improve access to contraceptives such as family planning services, family planning clinics, and other health settings, school-based health centers, and condom-availability programs located in schools.

Having birth control available did exactly what most people hoped that it would do. It didn't get kids to have sex, but it did get them to use condoms if they were already having sex. About half of high school students said that they have had sex, and nearly 60 percent of them report using protection in their last encounter.

This study was based on a youth behavior survey of more that 4, student at 59 high schools, about 15 percent of which had birth control programs Guttmacher Condom.

School-based health clinics provide affordable primary health care services to students who otherwise might not have access to or the means of transportation to such services.

They also dispense contraceptives, either devices themselves or prescriptions to be filled elsewhere. When school-based clinics are well-staffed and well-run and also dispense contraceptives, they have many of the characteristics of ideal reproductive health programs; that is, their location is convenient to the students, they reach both females and males, they provide comprehensive health services, they are confidential, their staff are selected and trained to work with adolescents, they can easily conduct follow-up, their services are free, and they can integrate education, counseling, and medical services.

More than schools without school-based clinics have begun making condoms available through school counselors, nurses, teachers, vending machines, or baskets. These schools are in addition to about schools that make condoms available to students through school-based clinics.

The solution is very easy. All that most school boards would have to do is to start some kind of clinic or even just a place that they would distribute birth control and contraceptives so that the children would have easy access to free birth control to prevent the problems with teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases Becky School.

There are a lot of ways to get some sort of birth control but the easiest and most convenient is the school clinics.

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Many parents prefer abstinence for their children but that doesn't always work. This is the best way to protect all of the sexually active teenagers that are in school from getting pregnant and messing up their lives and their future.

Condom availability in New York City public high schools: Use our Essay Rewriter to rewrite this essay and remove plagiarism.Teen pregnancy should be highly discouraged has it has effect on the teenage mother and the baby born. The teen mother may face complications such as premature labor, medical complication during the pregnancy period, at child birth or after child birth and are likely to drop out of school.

Sex education in school is a major controversial idea around the world. Tolerance is Home Page; Writing; Pregnancy Essay; Pregnancy Essay. Stopping Teen Pregnancy and STD's.

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teen pregnancies and the spread of STD’s? Sex education in school is a major controversial idea around the world. Teenage pregnancy. Fixing the Teenage Pregnancy Problem: A Humble Suggestion Essay - A Humble Suggestion It is a melancholy feeling one bears when trying not to stare too obviously at a young girl with a large, attention-calling belly full of baby, and this girl might not even be through her sophomore year in high school.

Teenage Pregnancy and birth control in schools essay

Teenage pregnancy is a problem for all involved. It puts a great strain on the parents, especially the mother, and also on their parents who, more often than not, end up with the new baby in their family home, often having to look after it while the baby’s parents are at school, or out socializing and doing the things that teenagers do.

Teen Pregnancy essays The numbers of teenage pregnancy are very high but when you think about the numbers most could have been prevented with the use of protection. Some people may not afford condoms but if you cannot afford a condom you cannot afford .

As a teenager in high school ages there are a lot of peer pressures. With all of this going on in their lives it’s affecting the health risks and medical negatives a teenage pregnancy can.

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