Create a proactive retention program for a company describe the steps you would take and substantiat

Product Market Segmentation 4. Breadth of Offerings 6. Behavior 12 13 15 18 18 20 22 23 25 26 27 28 29 Chapter 3: Why Southwest Airlines Soars:

Create a proactive retention program for a company describe the steps you would take and substantiat

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An autopoietic, systems thinking exploration of -

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StussDonald T. KnightRobert T. P75 5 Frank Benson, an always remembered mentor, colleague and friend, with whom I shared the joys of initial explorations of the mysteries of the frontal lobes D. To Donatella Scabini, whose love and support made my contribution to this book possible and to Sara for all her humor.

RAICHLE In th e mind s o f manya n understandin g o f how the brai n work s represent s th e las t grea t frontier i n biologyi f no t i n al l o f science. While a fascination with this agend a concern s brains large an d smallthe ultimat e goa l is to understand within the limit s of our capacity to do sothe working s of the huma n brain.

Fo r in this knowledge lies not only the potential t o understand an d ultimately treat, rationall y and effectively, som e o f th e mos t importan t dis eases afflictin g humankin d but als o to addres s social problems tha t continu e t o vex scientists and scholar s i n field s a s diverse a s anthropol ogy, politica l sciencepsychologysociologyand economics.

In pursuing a goal of understanding th e human brai n andhenceth e uniquenes s o f human behavior i t is important t o first recogniz e the way s i n whic h th e huma n brai n differ s from th e brains of other species.

While we are only beginning t o understand suc h difference s in any detail, the siz e o f the huma n brai n rel ative t o th e siz e o f th e bod y i n whic h i t i s housed i s a feature apparent t o even the casua l observer.

Th e developmen t o f th e fronta l lobes i n th e huma n brai n i n particula r ac counts fo r a disproportionat e fractio n o f th e increased siz e of the huma n brain when compared t o th e proportio n i n nonhuma n pri mates. As Marse l Mesula m posit s i n hi s super b contribution t o thi s volum e Chapte r 2a seminal even t i n research o n the fronta l lobes began a t precisel y 4: O n that datein Cavendish, Vermontexplodin g dynamit e sen t a n iron tamping rod through the prefrontal cortex of a railroa d constructio n forema n b y th e name of Phineas Gage.

Create a proactive retention program for a company describe the steps you would take and substantiat

Miraculousl y surviving this accidentGag e nevertheles s was change d for th e remainde r o f his life. Suc h a profound transformation occurre d in his personality tha t to hi s friend s h e wa s "no longer Gage.

I n factthe y hav e ac tually been referred t o as the "silent " areas of the brain. The silenc e o f th e fronta l lobe s ha s no w been brokena s w e hav e learne d t o as k ap propriate question s an d hav e th e necessar y tools a t ou r disposa l to obtai n meaningfu l answers.

A s a resultmuc h ne w an d importan t VII VIII information ha s bee n gathere d o n th e func tions o f th e fronta l corte x i n human s an d i n nonhuman primatesespeciall y ove r th e pas t few decades. Thi s volum e represent s a ver y timely an d importan t summar y of tha t infor mation.

Noteworth y contributions com e fro m the ver y investigator s an d laboratorie s tha t have led the field through the recent explosive accumulation o f knowledg e i n thi s area. A s such, this volume represents an invaluable re source to all interested i n this vitally important area o f researchwhic h encompasse s huma n brain functio n an d huma n behavio r a t th e highest level.

In contemplatin g the enormou s amoun t of current informatio n o n th e function s o f th e frontal lobe s an d appreciatin g th e impressiv e array o f tool s tha t ca n hel p pus h bac k th e frontier o f knowledge eve n furthersevera l issues com e to mind.

How is it that th e closin g decades o f th e twentiet h centur y hav e bee n witness t o suc h a n explosio n o f ne w infor mation o n the fronta l lobes?

Police Manual, Bridgeton PD NJ, 2010

I t ha s been sug gested tha t significan t advance s i n scienc e come when two disparate bu t potentially complementary discipline s joi n forces. An apt example here is cognitive neuroscience.

Create a proactive retention program for a company describe the steps you would take and substantiat

This field emerged becaus e of the foresight of the James S. McDonnell Foundation, th e Pew Charitable Trusts, and their advisors, who envisioned combining the experimenta l strategies o f cognitive psychology with various techniques to actually examine ho w th e brai n function s t o suppor t mental activities.

Th e timin g was perfecta s the new techniques of functional brain imaging positron emissio n tomograph y [PET ] an d functional magneti c resonanc e imagin g [fMRI] ha d jus t emerged. Alon g wit h th e more traditiona l lesio n behavio r studie s an d measurement o f event-relate d potentialsob tained with electroencephalography and magnetoencephalography, these new imaging techniques wer e place d i n th e hand s o f a whol e new generatio n o f scientist s schoole d i n so phisticated behavioral technique s a s well as in brain science.e purpose of this study is to describe and analyze the education al.

retention and. graduation rates; and success factors and barrie rs to college success create broader support.

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Engage employees to increase retention. But to ensure ongoing engagement, you as an employer must play a major role, particularly when it comes to communication. Consider these five strategies: Be clear on what your business stands for.

Your company’s mission and vision and brand must be front and center in everything you do. in the Board meeting on 3?5 April , the following resolution was taken viz?the Board and Exco are still committed to deliver first power from Medupi Unit 6 by 31 December and will take all steps and actions necessary to ensure that this happens".

If you want to upgrade your customer retention marketing efforts, then here are some key strategic points which should be a part of your retention marketing strategy: 1) Begin with Your Customers Businesses need to take a more customer-centric approach to keep them engaged.

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Explain how you would create a proactive retention program for a company. Describe the steps you would take and substantiate each step. (Points: 30) 6.

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