Catering business plan sample canada bc

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Catering business plan sample canada bc

For entrepreneurs, a catering business can be lucrative in its own right, or it can serve as a stepping stone to opening a brick-and-mortar restaurant. Starting a catering business requires careful budgeting and planning just like any other business venture but presents some unique and exciting challenges of its own.

Make sure you do your research on the tax implications of being self-employed, and how to go about registering your business and thinking up a marketable name and logo. As a professional catering business plan sample canada bc, you should have a real passion for cooking and serving clients high-quality meals.

You need to be organized and very punctual. A good sense of direction and adaptability is also an advantage, as caterers are often travelling to new venues and neighbourhoods, working with different clients every day.

Be prepared to determine the logistics of setting up warming plates, platters, and dishes in a variety of less-than-ideal spaces. Some caterers opt to combine transportation and kitchen space by buying a food truck. This model is a favourite of caterers for film and television shoots, as a given client might hire one company for a set period of time but shoot on a different location each week.

Planning Your Costs Starting a catering business comes with its own unique set of expenses. Remember that most catering clients will expect you to provide equipment like platters, hot plates, tablecloths, and serving utensils.

catering business plan sample canada bc

Depending on the type of foods you plan on serving, you may also need to invest in some kitchen implements and small appliances. A bare-basics catering company serving mainly prepacked foods can pick up plenty of clients like schools, low-budget film crews, and small businesses, but if you plan on serving at high-class events or preparing lunches for powerful executives, these types of clients will expect higher-quality, hand-prepared dishes.

Depending on the size and scope of your business, you may also need to think about renting a space. A home-based operation might be fine for your first year or two of incorporation, but if business goes well and you want to expand, eventually you may find yourself in the market for a business lease.

Hiring staff can also be a budgeting hurdle for catering companies. Larger catering companies and ones that create daily meals for clients need a few full-time staff members to help out with prep as well as serving.

Marketing and Attracting Clients Catering is a large field, and as such, most individual catering businesses opt to specialize their services to one particular area.

Corporate catering businesses deliver food to office functions and may even cater daily lunches for employees, depending on the size and budget of the client company. Some caterers work specifically in the film industry, setting up craft services tents or lunch trailers for film crews on location.

Other business models are tailored to supporting social gatherings and events such as weddings with high-quality dining and drinks. Are sandwiches the mainstay of your operation, or do you exclusively supply handcrafted chocolate desserts?

Your budget will determine what types of food and equipment you are able to purchase, which can influence the clientele you attract. Catering is a large industry with plenty of opportunity to carve out your own niche.

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