Business about british airline essay

The world today has evolved in numerous ways thanks to the many inventions and discoveries, but few have changed the way people live and experience the world as deeply as the invention of the airplane. The industry has progressed to the point where now it would be impossible to think of life without air travelling for developed countries. Thanks to this, long distances have been somehow 'shortened' hence altering people's concept of distance.

Business about british airline essay

British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports. Its principal place of business is Heathrow, one of the world's premier airport locations, which serves a large geographical area with a comparatively high proportion of point-to-point business.

It also operates a worldwide air cargo business, largely in conjunction with its scheduled passenger services. It carriedtonnes of cargo to destinations in Europe, the America and throughout the world. At the end of March it had aircraft in service.


British Airways won numbers of awards including the Skytrax Best Transatlantic Airline in and British Airways is a full service global airline, offering a year round low fares with extensive global route network flying to and from centrally located airports. British Airways has launched Face to Facea multi phased program that aims to keep entrepreneurship alive and kick up fresh potential for economic growth in the U.

Market volume of 2. There are two bodies responsible for civil aviation in the United Kingdom. British Airways is involved with the aviation regulatory bodies, aircraft manufacturers and system designers to develop minimum performance standards for aircraft protection.

The key areas are: The organisational structure of a company reflects its culture, its management style and its leader attitude in addition to the environment in which it has to operate. British Airways has a more formalised structure with precise rules and procedures, due to its size and the global scope of its activity.

A major change in the last years has been the reduction of its management layers, between the chief executive and the front line who interface with customers, from nine to five. It now has small ad hoc groups working in parallel with the formal structure, with responsibilities that cut across different functions, or in some case duplicated these functions.

British Airways could be easily defined as a role culture reflecting functional differentiation in its structure, but it's not that easy. One organisation often harbours two or more contrasting cultures, posing more difficulties in order to remain successful.

There are two cultures in British Airways, one high in the sky at 30, feet which is highly co-operative, service oriented focused on passengers and the other one on the ground highly competitive, politicised head-to-head with the external world, where it seems that fiercely adversarial values reigned.

Middle management, which is key to the implementation of any strategy and the outcome of cultural change, is still ruled by separate functions and at the top all the weight still goes on the individualist functions of high finance and take-over.

There is still some job to be done. It has changed to a style where coaching, training and supporting are key to employees empowerment. Manager learn how to trust employees developing a vision and then letting employees use judgement and discretion while responsibility remains with them.

Managers are shown how to build a support system, so that they can get help from one another outside the formal structure and across functions. Subordinates need to be shown how their job contribute to the larger whole. People are asked to make decisions, they are provide with a vision or framework in which they are then empowered to take action to respond to non standard situations.

Mistakes are forgivable provided one tries. Compete is a long-term change programme, current market conditions have made it imperative to move fast to create a leaner, more agile structure starting at the very top of its business.

In Decembera third of its managers left the business under a voluntary severance scheme. At the same time ba redesigned the organisation to promote greater customer focus and better governance and leadership.

BA needs great leaders to help the company contend with current trading conditions and achieve its long-term vision. A leading global premium airline must be bold and highly effective in developing present and potential leaders.

This is an integrated system, linking business strategy, objective setting, performance assessment, development and reward.

Focused initially on the senior leaders, HPL has rigorous assessment mechanisms to identify talented leaders and to provide with the right tools and support to continue developing. BA have also defined, communicated and begun to measure individual performance against three capabilitiesthink need in its leaders, in addition to operational excellence: Communicating a common vision; Agreeing accountabilities; and Motivating and inspiring others.

Business about british airline essay

For each capability, specific behaviours have been developed so that leaders understand exactly what is expected of them and supporting them with a range of development programmes, including executive coaching, networks, forums and external courses.

BA is also using new techniques to measure performance. These will allow management to monitor individual progress and track its own overall success at managing talent. Among the other leadership initiatives BA launched were: Behaviours for Success - a leadership development programme for the HPL community, focusing on understanding and developing personal leadership performance; Leadership Matters - a scheme to identify and develop leaders who have pivotal roles in the Customer and Operations areas of our business; and A Leadership Development Portfolio that will be introduced with the aim of supporting current and potential leaders at every level of the business, including emerging leaders, those on a fast track to senior positions and those with strategic roles at the very top of BA's organisation.

Marketing plan for British Airways | Essay Example

British Airways business Process: The global airline industry is fiercely competitive, heavily regulated and highly exposed to changes in customer behaviour and consumer confidence.I choose British Airways plc. The SWOT of British Airways plc is easy to understand.

With regard to strength of the British Airways plc, there are five points.

Business about british airline essay

Marketing plan for British Airways Essay Sample. Executive summary. This marketing plan will seek to market the British Airways services to the world aviation market. large established business; British Airways is among the largest aviation company in the world.

Since , the company has been leading in local and international flight in. British Airways is the UK's largest international scheduled airline, flying to destinations at convenient times, to the best located airports.

Its principal place of business is Heathrow, one of the world's premier airport locations, which serves a large geographical area with a comparatively high proportion of point-to-point business.

For example, ‘British Airways is heavily reliant on the airline industry, which accounted for % of its total operating profit in fiscal (MahaSagar, ).’ Actually the government need focus on rising fuel prices and increasing pricing competition.

In , British Airways was privatised, and over the next decade turned from a loss-making nationalised company into “The World’s Favourite Airline” – a market-leading and very profitable plc.

British Airways Case: British Airways (BA) launched an advertising campaign in to improve the corporate image. Management of the advertising firm and BA contemplated the following issues after the launch of the campaign.4/4(1).

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