Bohol island

TThe Province of Bohol is best known for two things: This hills are lovingly called Chocolate Hills below - since the grass and vegetation dries out and the hills looked a lot like huge chocolate mounds baking under the tropical sun. The hills are conical karst in nature, which is pretty similar to those seen in the limestone regions of Croatia and Slovenia sans the caves. It is so that the words Bohol, Tarsiers and the Chocolate Hills are so synonymous that one cannot mention Bohol in the same sentence without mentioning the other two.

Bohol island

Bohol is a small island located in the central part of the Philippine Islands, known as the Visayas region. Bohol Island has a total of seventy-five (75) smaller islands that surround it's main island. One of the really cool features for Bohol is that it has a total of miles of beautiful coastline, where tourist from all over the world are free to explore. BE Grand Resort, Bohol BEYOND THE EXPECTED Novel experiences, enduring moments. Combining contemporary design with laid-back waterfront chic, BE Grand Resort Bohol is your idyllic home away from home. It’s situated on the exclusive oasis of Panglao Island and enjoys a . Bohol is the main island of Bohol Province which has 75 minor surrounding islands. The island lies southeast from Cebu Island and southwest of Leyte Island in the Central Visayas region. This oval-shaped island is the tenth largest island of the Philippine attheheels.comd In: Central Visayas.

Early history[ edit ] A drawing from the Boxer Codex Bohol island the Pintados. Bohol was first settled by the Eskaya tribe who still inhabit the island today. The Austronesian people living on Bohol traded with other islands in the Philippines and as far as China and Borneo.

These people came from northeast Mindanao. These people were responsible for the Anda petrographs which are one of the most important indigenous rock writing in the country.

Around the 12th century, a group of people from Northern Mindanao settled in the strait between mainland Bohol and the island of Panglao. Those people came from a Bohol island in northern Mindanao called Lutao probably the animist kingdom of what will soon be the Islamic Lanao.

Those people established the kedatuan kingdom of Dapitan in western Bohol because the true indigenous people of Bohol in the Anda peninsula and nearby areas were not open to them, forcing them to establish settlement in the western part of the island.

They occupied both shores and the entire island of Panglao. The kedatuan was first built with hardwood on the soft seabed. It engaged in trade with nearby areas and some Chinese merchants. A legend tells of a princess named Bugbung Hamusanum, whose beauty caused her suitor, Datung Sumanga, to raid parts of southern China to win her hand.

At the time, Dapitan was ruled by two brothers named Dailisan and Pagbuaya. The Ternateans at the time were allied to the Portuguese. Dapitan was destroyed and Datu Dailisan was killed in battle. His brother, Datu Pagbuaya, together with his people fled back to Mindanao and established a new Dapitan in the northern coast of the Zamboanga peninsula.

When the Spanish came, the people of Dapitan were influential in the Spanish conquest of the Sultanate of Ternate and in the Christian colonization of northern Mindanao. Bohol is derived from the word Bo-ho or Bo-ol. After convincing the native chieftains that they were not Portuguese who raided the islands of Mactan inLegazpi made a peace pact with Datu Sikatuna.

This pact was signified with a blood compact between the two men. One was the Tamblot Uprising inled by Tamblota babaylan or native priest. The other was the famous Dagohoy Rebellionconsidered the longest in Philippine history.

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This rebellion was led by Francisco Dagohoyalso known as Francisco Sendrijas, from to It became a separate politico-military province on 22 July together with Siquijor. A census in found Bohol with a population ofdistributed among 34 municipalities.

Many traditional dances, music, dishes and other aspects of the culture have considerable Hispanic influence. However, under the newly proclaimed independent government established by Gen.

Emilio Aguinaldowhich was not recognized by the U. During the resulting Philippine—American WarAmerican troops peacefully took over the island in March Japanese occupation and liberation[ edit ] Japanese troops landed in Tagbilaran on 17 May Boholanos struggled in a guerilla resistance against the Japanese forces.

Bohol was later liberated by the local guerrillas and the Filipino and American troops who landed on 11 April One thousand one hundred seventy two officers and men of the 3rd Battalion of the th Infantry Regiment of the Americal Division under the command of Lt.

Considine landed at the Tagbilaran Insular Wharf at 7: The convoy taking the Filipino and American liberation forces to Bohol consisted of a flotilla of six landing ships mediumsix landing crafts infantrytwo landing crafts supportand one landing craft medium-rocket [ clarification needed ].Bohol Map.

MAP OF BOHOL Take a closer look, click on MAP OF PANGLAO -TAGBILARAN See the interactive Google Maps version of the Bohol here. MAP OF THE PHILIPPINES. Island Hopping, Dolphin Watching and Sightseeing Boat Tours offers Dolphin Watching Excursions in Bohol.

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U-DriveBohol - Bohol Online Car Rental. Rent a car in Bohol now. It is a marine sanctuary with white sand beach and beautiful corals in shallow and deep waters.

We offer Dolphin Tours that include Bohol Water Birds, Exotic Fish and Wild Dolphins. Panglao Island is located southwest of Bohol and east of Cebu.

Panglao Island is divided into 2 municipalities: Dauis and Panglao. This island has gained a reputation as one of the most choice destinations in the Philippines. Promotion of Bohol, Philippines, as a tourist and business destination. Maayong pag-abot sa Bohol!

Welcome to Bohol, the friendly heart of the Visayas and one . Our Philippines maps give you the opportunity to clearly visualise all that’s available in terms of accommodation, restaurants, stores, night spots, attractions and activities in each of the prime holiday destinations available in this huge tropical country.

Bohol Philippines is fast becoming one of the top travel destinations in Asia.

Bohol island

The island offers a wide range of attractions from natural fine white sand beaches, great diving sites, scenic natural sights, old houses, ancient churches, historical sites and wonderful ecotourism highlights. - Bohol Map