Assignment pcc101 individual behavior

Task 2 The way used by managers two motivate employees Both above mentioned managers of McDonalds and Tesco uses several effective motivational techniques to encourage its staff members:

Assignment pcc101 individual behavior

But leadership is different for different person and different organisation. Some of the most common styles of leadership are the democratic, autocratic and laissez-faire Malmir, Esfahani and Emami, OVO Energy is an energy provider company operating in UK and the leadership style followed by the company is authoritative style and participative style.

The most reason for this is that the owners involved the managers in the decision making process. The leaders only guided the managers and authorised the work done by them. A leader must be enthusiastic and strong and it must be reflected in its personality.

Owners have paid special attention in the recruitment and Assignment pcc101 individual behavior of the employees and as such have retained the best suitable person for the company. The owners then gave authority to the managers to select the subordinates themselves and as such showed trust in their decision.

Nonetheless, the owners exert a little amount of autocratic style of leadership to check for detail and improve any issues that arise.

Assignment pcc101 individual behavior

This mix style of leadership has showed great success for OVO energy in recent times. Red Carnation hotels are a big company employing more than employees and as such have a complex leadership style.

It has a mix of participative and autocratic leadership style.


As Red Carnation is a flat structure of business, its managers give direct orders to the subordinates and they also trust their subordinates. The owners thus wanted to hire efficient that can be a part of the integral process of the business and follow the goals of the business.

Both the above mentioned companies follow a different set of leadership styles in their organisation and create an environment where employees are much more progressive and optimistic in nature. But Red Carnation seems to have the better of the two both in employee retention and profit making.

This theory favours productivity but it also creates the issue of de-humanity in the organisation. This theory is somewhat obsolete to modern day business and super-efficient employees that understand their role in an organisation Bush and Bush, Theory of X and Y — From the above mentioned two companies, it is clearly evident that they follow the theory of Y were employees are very happy and want to work more for the benefit of the company.

Theory y explains the willingness of the employees to work more and they are paid accordingly by the management. Management in this situation must trust the employees and their skills.

Theory Y helps in building a strong relation between employee and management which ultimately leads to a strong organisation.

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It was one of the worse periods for the company was the employees suffered the most under the bureaucracy. It created a situation where the employees were always trying to impress the bosses to gain special favours instead of working for the company.

This was considered as an inefficient system of management that hampered the relationship between employee and management.

Assignment pcc101 individual behavior

Red Carnation was never in favour of this theory as it created a sense of hierarchy between the employees of same level Robbins and Coulter, It also gave more respect to the workers by not defining them in terms of money.

OVO energy used this theory for a long time but later discarded it for more advanced and user friendly management approaches Kinicki and Williams, Bureaucratic approach — As mentioned above, this form of management was applied by OVO energy which caused havoc in the business operations of the business.

This theory only focused on the managers and directed the employees to follow the orders of the managers Golding and Currie, Human Relations Approach — Both OVO Energy and Red Carnation use this form of management approach as this method take into consideration the feelings of the workers in building the organisational environment.

Both the companies want positive effect in their employees that will ultimately dictate their work.

Assignment on individual behaviour

Systems Approach — This theory explains an organisation as a system, which is more often an open system which means that it gets affected by its natural environment. Both the companies used this approach to better understand the business environment.

It defined proper system that helped both Red Carnation and OVO energy to mitigate any issues and plan for a better tomorrow Robbins and Coulter, Contingency Approach — This is a more adaptive approach as it tries to find the best suitable way to manage the employees. Both the companies understand the needs of the employees and the organisation itself, which is prone to change.

This is the best management way to deal with this situation.Factors influencing the behaviour of an individual at work. An individual at work gives its efforts for the welfare of the organisation. But there are some factors that influence its behaviour in HSBC, such as: Behaviour in a work place is influenced by the moral principles and business exercise of .

Dec 25,  · Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study of the way people interact within groups. The central idea of the study of organizational behavior is that a scientific approach can be applied to the management of workers.

Organizational behavior theories are used for human resource purposes to maximize the output from individual group HND Assignment.

Extr0version: This trait includes characteristics such as excitability, sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness and high amounts of emotional expressiveness.

Organizational behavior assignment help by EssayCorp is dependable for getting the assignments done. We cover almost every topic that falls under organizational behavior like motivation, leadership, management, satisfaction, and reward management/5(K). Extr0version: This trait includes characteristics such as excitability, sociability, talkativeness, assertiveness and high amounts of emotional expressiveness. Individual behavior differs from person to person and most differences are based on the background of the individual. Some elements that can affect ones background to influence their individual behavior can include religion, age, occupation, values and attitude differences, gender, and even ethnicity. Assignment PCC Individual Behavior.

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