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Anatomy of a Superstition: Wikipedia Trinidadians have a rich collection of superstitions, many of which found their way to the island via colonialism. These beliefs reflect the ways ideas and explanations have been blended here—and elsewhere—in the face of globalization. There is one, however, that I have grown up with that seems unique to Trinidadians.

Anatomy practice

Cat skeleton Cats have seven cervical vertebrae like almost all mammalsthirteen thoracic vertebrae humans have twelveseven lumbar vertebrae humans have fivethree sacral vertebrae humans have five because of their bipedal postureand, except for Manx cats and other shorter tailed cats, twenty-two or twenty-three caudal vertebrae humans have three to five, fused into an internal coccyx.

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The extra lumbar and thoracic vertebrae account for the cat's enhanced spinal mobility and flexibility, compared to humans. The caudal vertebrae form the tailused by the cat as a counterbalance to the body during quick movements. Between their vertebrae, they have elastic discs, useful for cushioning the jump landings.

Unlike human arms, cat forelimbs are attached to the shoulder by free-floating clavicle bones, which allows them to pass their body through any space into which they can fit their heads.

An Introduction to the Human Body Blood contains nutrients and oxygen providing energy that allows the cells of the body to perform work.
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AAMA - Anatomy and Physiology Questions Origins[ edit ] The English anatomist Henry Gray was born in

Its insertion is at the pubis and linea alba via aponeurosisand its action is the compression of abdominal contents. It also laterally flexes and rotates the vertebral column.

Transversus abdominis[ edit ] This muscle is the innermost abdominal muscle. Its origin is the second sheet of the lumbodorsal fascia and the pelvic girdle and its insertion is the linea alba. Its action is the compression of the abdomen.

Rectus abdominis[ edit ] To see this muscle, first remove the extensive aponeurosis situated on the ventral surface of the cat.

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Its fibers are extremely longitudinal, on each side of the linea alba. It is also traversed by the inscriptiones tendinae, or what others called myosepta. Deltoid[ edit ] The deltoid muscles lie just lateral to the trapezius musclesoriginating from several fibers spanning the clavicle and scapula, converging to insert at the humerus.

Anatomically, there are only two deltoids in the cat, the acromiodeltoid and the spinodeltoid. However, to conform to human anatomy standards, the clavobrachialis is now also considered a deltoid and is commonly referred to as the clavodeltoid.

Acromiodeltoid[ edit ] The acromiodeltoid is the shortest of the deltoid muscles.

Anatomy practice

It lies lateral to to the side of the clavodeltoid, and in a more husky cat it can only be seen by lifting or reflecting the clavodeltoid.

It originates at the acromion process and inserts at the deltoid ridge. When contracted, it raises and rotates the humerus outward. Spinodeltoid[ edit ] A stout and short muscle lying posterior to the acromiodeltoid. It lies along the lower border of the scapula, and it passes through the upper arm, across the upper end of muscles of the upper arm.

It originates at the spine of the scapula and inserts at the deltoid ridge.Another great test prep resource is our free HESI A2 Anatomy and Physiology practice test.

This practice test includes 40 multiple choice questions with answers and detailed explanations.

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BMA Awards: Highly Commended, Basic & Clinical Sciences "The newest () and the 41 st edition of Gray’s Anatomy is a mirror on the explosion of medical knowledge that has occurred over the past 8 years since the 40 th edition was published the 41 st edition of Gray’s Anatomy is the single most important text a radiologist should own.

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