An analysis of equality in america through the declaration of independence the declaration of sentim

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An analysis of equality in america through the declaration of independence the declaration of sentim

As a side note, this phrase and the paragraph it belongs to have almost entirely overshadowed the actual Declaration of Independence. Most people memorize, or are familiar with, the first two paragraphs.

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Yet these are only the philosophical reasoning and authority for the last paragraph — which by force of the circumstances and legal implications is the most important paragraph in defense of State Sovereignty.

It is the last paragraph that declares Independence: But, the last paragraph and the subject of Independent States is a theme for another article. Our immediate concern regards the word equality and the various sytles in which it was used during the founding era.

There were many usages of the terms equal and equality present in governmental dilaogue of Independent America. In general themes, there were five common usages.

There were some who used this argument as an invalidation of the institution of slavery. However in the main, it was used only against the regal doctrine of divine right of kings.

In other words, most who embraced this idea extended its implications only to those who ruled over them — to kings — but not to those whom they ruled over. Again, they were human and liable to err in the direction of their own self-interest Those who held positions of power and responsibility did so by graces of the people.

They stood in their position on grounds of good behaviour — or good performance and support of those they stood for — if that trust was violated they were promptly removed.

It was that relation, between kings and subjects, that almost all Americans agreed all men were created equal. Birth or position does not automatically separate a man from his fellows and grant him special dispensation to exercise authority over them. Aristotle was the first to propose this idea.

He described in oppostition to Plato and Socrates who believed the mind of man existed independently before this life and was sent down and enjoined with the physical flesh the mind of man as an unwritten tablet and only gains knowledge by experience and sense perception.

Essentially adult human beings are a product of social and familial tradition, time, circumstance, and individual experience.

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A natural philosophical development of this belief is education is critically important to the formation and operation of a good society.

Since all men are born equally ignorant, they must be taught how to be a good citizen and what proper conduct is within a free republic.

Jefferson latched on to this idea with his whole heart. Virtually to his death he preached on the theme of education as the safeguard of lasting liberty.

An analysis of equality in america through the declaration of independence the declaration of sentim

This theme has modern undertones in the writings of Freud, Dewey, and other social engineers, but with a different intent than that of the founders. The average 18th century person was steeped in the belief of an afterlife and final judgment.

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The existence of diety was a social given as was the belief that all men — black and white — were directly accountable to Him; and thus were equally bound by moral duties with obligation and authorization to perform them.

John Taylor of Caroline was arguably the most outspoken advocate of this opinion. Though writing after the revoutionary era, he claimed his opinions accurately represented the true approach of the great American revolutionaries.

Such duties included hard work, self accountability, industry, education, along with the defense of freedom of religion, speech, press, inquiry, adequate division of power between sovereigns, elections by freemen, and representative democractic forms.Compilation of documents relating to the Bank of North America, the First Bank of the United States, and the Second Bank of the United States.

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An Analysis of the Declaration of Independence In British colonists in America revolted against King George III insisting he had violated their natural rights.

Apr 14,  · “EQUALITY” AND THE DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE If there is an abused and misused phrase in American Independence literature, none is more suitable than “All men are created equal.” Stripped of original context it has come to be the philosophical authority for virtually every social doctrine, special interest persuasion, .

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Full text of "The Declaration of Independence: a study in the history of political ideas" See other formats. But what we have come to realise on a deeper analysis of the situation is that it is not merely a case of indifference, rather it is a case of sheer incompetence to undertake the task.

The Depressed Classes have no economic independence in most parts of the Presidency. " The inclusion in the Constitution of declaration of fundamental.

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