A book review of guide to getting it on

Posted on December 2, by Scott Alexander I. On The Road is a terrible book about terrible people. Jack Kerouac and his terrible friends are brought to the brinks of a lot of things, actually.

A book review of guide to getting it on

It is written is a very "easy to read" style, and had they used such a book when I was in high school, verses the "Bury the head in the sand method" that the book burners of the world wish to use, we would have been far more educated and protected!

At it is unrealistic to believe your child is not going to be "experimenting" if not sexually active.

A book review of guide to getting it on

This is a book for both female and male alike. Single or married, you will be amazed at how badly you have likely been at having a much more satisfying sex life That is, when the older of the generations were coming of age, sex just was not something talked about.

In fact, it is often a difficult subject between married couples married 10, or 20 years!! The language and information is explicit and plain conversation. The authors style in presenting the information is so comfortable that the pages can be consumed in a brief period of time.

I have read this book, and I have gone back and read a few of the chapters a few times.

Productive Preparation

Yes, in part it is a "Training manual". Yes, at 18, seeing one particular gal, times a day was not unusual! Sadly I know now just how bad I was. This is an educational book. It provides you with facts you need in adolescence to be safe if you are going to be active.

It also teaches you the anatomy, emotional, physical components. So if they are going to be active, they might as well be educated to derive the most from the experience.

Merlin Elsewhere

The author points out the significant role emotion, and brain chemicals play in "making love", and sadly women are often on the "losing end of the equation". It is never too late to learn how to please your partner. I wish they had a book like this available to us back in my high school days.

I wrote the review because I can tell you that any man or women reading it, or reading it together, will have a better sex life having read it, period. I gave this book to good friends as a holiday gift. The response so far has been overwhelmingly positive.

Worth twice the price.

Guide to Getting It On! by Paul Joannides

Just wish it came in E-book format.The hard part of writing a book isn’t getting published. It’s the actual writing. In this article, I offer 10 steps for writing a book along with 10 bonus steps.

Click here to download a free guide with all 20 steps. As the bestselling author of five books, I can tell you without hesitation. The Guide to Getting it On is the only “instructional” title on this list, because it is really the best one I’ve seen.

Equally fitting on the shelf of a couple or as the text in a sex education class, the nearly-1, page book talks about sex frankly and with a sense of humor/5. Mar 06,  · The parents' guide to what's in this book. Educational Value Parents and teachers can use this book to talk about a wide range of topics, including Internet safety and also media featuring gay characters.4/4.

The Guide to Getting It On is his life’s work. He estimates that at least one million copies have sold since the book first appeared in , and .

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Is ‘The Guide to Getting It On’ the Best Sex Ed Book Ever?